We are excited about the 2021 Track Club Season.  We are looking forward to once again seeing our amazing athletes and families and welcoming new participants.

The Utah Track Club is a competition club sport team that competes at USA Track and Field meets around the state, with an opportunity to go to region and national meets.  The Utah Track Club focuses on track & field conditioning and techniques for sprint, distance and field events. Over the years, the track club has consistently mentored young athletes to improve their athletic ability while helping them develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves.


Athletes that sign up for the Utah Track Club should have a desire to improve their running form, speed, and endurance, while competing with their team at the USATF track meets.  The coaches map out a workout schedule that will optimize the athlete’s performance as the season progresses. Practices are a critical part of this training and missing practice and meets will hurt the athlete's development.  If the athlete cannot consistently attend practice they will struggle to improve, and will find it hard to keep up with the other athletes. We require all participating athletes and parents to commit to the M-W-F workout schedule and all Developmental USATF meets and the State Meet.


We love parent involvement!  What skills do you have that could help the club? Can you help us take pictures, videographer, past running experience etc.? We would like to have a few parents that have past running experience to help coach's during practices.



Registration for the 2021 season is now open! All registration must be completed online.  Please register before the first day of practice, March 29th at 5:00 pm. We do cap the number of athletes we accept, so register as soon as possible.  We will close registration once we receive our cap on athletes. New UTC Athletes must be at least turning 9 years old during the 2020 calendar year to register with the Utah Track Club.  

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